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Thursday, February 4, 2010

So now that you know a brief story of my baking history (see previous post below), let me show you what I've been working on. Since the first bake sale was a bit of a success I decided to try again. Here's a few pics of those cookies:

Sorry, the picture's not so great. I've been working on that.

Branching out from just Batman.

A few for the pre-schoolers. In this pic the cookies we still 'in progress'.

I've just completed my first birthday party favors and they were a huge success. Rainbows for girls and Batman for boys. I had so much fun with these. I made a custom cookie cutter for the rainbows, which after a little work, turned out just great. Since then I've learned a little more about the art of decorating a cookie but let me show you how these turned out. I'm pretty happy but can't wait for my next project.

This was a practice cookie for how I would do the rainbow. 

And here's how the rainbows turned out. Fun!

I've done so many Batman logos I fell like I could do them in my sleep!

So since those were done, and my next order isn't due for another week or so I've moved on to Valentines Day! I've just been playing around with a few designs and practicing on tons of little hearts. Now I have a few small orders for V Day to start working on, but let me show you the latest hearts.

You probably recognize these from the top of the page. Love 'em.


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