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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Do I need sleep?

So, how necessary is sleep anyway? In truth, the best time to decorate cookies is very late at night when the house is quiet, I can turn on my own music, and not have to worry about my two year old yelling, "I want cookie!" So here I was, last night, let's say maybe 11:00 (not too bad), trying out some new designs. I have some royal icing leftover from some cookies I made for a friend so I just threw some cookies in the oven and I was off. Now let me tell you, I have tried probably 5 different sugar cookie recipes and I really believe the one I have decided on is the best sugar cookie ever. Not too hard, not too soft. Not too sugary (leave that to the icing) with a rich, buttery taste. Yum! I also happen to love the recipe I got for the royal icing. It doesn't dry rock solid so when you bite into it there's still a delicious creamy taste that I believe all frostings should have. It does, however, firm up perfectly for wrapping and stacking, an essential when it comes to sugar cookies! So here are the yummy cookies I stayed up decorating last night, the reason why I used my arm to prop my head up today at Disney On Ice with the family...


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