Once an Interior Decorator, now a mom, a baker, a crafter, a creator. Join me as I try to find time to indulge my creativity without wreaking too much havoc.

Monday, May 17, 2010

So, my daughter is turning 5 next week and of course I'm making her birthday cake. She has all these grand plans of what I'm going to design for her, but in my head I was thinking of something a little different. Being a 5 year old girl, what could be cooler than a rainbow colored cake? Not the icing, but the actual cake??? I decided to try it out the other day so make sure it turned out good and I loved it! It tasted delicious too! It's just a quick graffiti design so don't hold that against me. I'll make up for it with her real birthday cake.

And here it is....

New and improved...

The newly designed Ironman series. So thrilled with the way these turned out!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

May the Force be with you!

I've been dying to decorate a cake for a while. As you may know, I was so desperate to make one, I made my own birthday cake a few months back. My dear, dear friend was so kind to let me decorate her son's birthday cake. I got to do the best part too, just the decorating. As you can see, I do plenty of baking. The baking however, is a necessity. The decorating is what I love. So, here you have a Star Wars themed birthday cake for little Matthew, who will turn 5 in a few days. Happy Birthday Matthew!
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