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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Boy's Bedroom Redo DIY

As you may know, I left my job in Interior Design 7 years ago when I had my first child. I do miss it, however I try to put my hard earned degree to use every so often, usually in my own home. Building our house was one of the most fun things I've done, with every room to design, and me being the client! Sometime I'll post a little on that, this post is on a different 'client.'

My very close friend came to me asking for some help on her son's bedroom. He's almost 7 and, while he had some nice furniture, he was in the same bedding since he was 2 and not much design to the room. As you see, the before pictures:

She wanted a more put together room for him that, without being too mature, he could grow into and not have it be too juvenile for his teenage years.  There was no set budget, the goal was to spend only what we needed too. With every project being a DIY-er, we did a fantastic job with the budget, spending less than $200 on the whole room. 

I'll have quite a few tutorials to follow on all the projects but I'll give you a quick peek on the overall 

What a lot of people don't know is that even arranging the furniture differently in a room can be a huge change. In a bedroom, the bed should be centered on the longest wall. It forms a nice focal point in the room that way. There's lots of different options to create a headboard too if you don't have one. Even simple painting a color block behind the bed is a great option. Hanging a piece of artwork above the bed has the same effect. For my friend's son's room, we were lucky because the only piece he was really missing was a headboard. Here I created a headboard by refinishing and upholstering some awful framed artwork I found at goodwill for $12 each. My friend found fabric she liked on clearance and scored the whole bunch of it for $20. We still have a ton left over that I'm not sure what we're going to do with.

Another really easy tutorial I will have for you is the no-sew window valance I created with roofing foam, a staple gun, fabric, and some brackets. It's so easy you won't believe it and looks very professional.
Here's the link for the No-Sew Window Valance: No-Sew Window Valance Tutorial

We completed the room with some dollar store pizza tins turned sports magnet boards, and some tack board maps that we framed ourselves with trim from the hardware store.

Needless to say, this almost 7 year old is thrilled with his big boy room. Even more satisfying to me, his dad, who while thinking the whole project was unnecessary but let us do it anyway, loves it. 

Stay tuned for some easy to follow tutorials on inexpensive ways to create headboards, window treatments, wall art, and magnet boards. As always, any comments are greatly appreciated!


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