Once an Interior Decorator, now a mom, a baker, a crafter, a creator. Join me as I try to find time to indulge my creativity without wreaking too much havoc.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

A much needed reinvention

This blog for a long time has been revolved around my cookie business. With many changes happening in the past two years with my life, I've decided that this is just not where I want to be. With the birth of my third child there's just not enough hours in the day to build a business. I now find that I need to find other ways to feed my creativity that don't take too much time away from my kids. I'll now focus mostly on what I fondly refer to as, "my projects."

Most of these projects can be done 5 minutes at a time because, lets face it, as a mom of three that's really all the free time we have. Five minutes here and there. I'll share with you my craft triumphs as well as my failures (there are plenty). I hope to inspire you to take just five minutes and create something.


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