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Sunday, September 26, 2010

'Sweet Tooth' - and art exhibit at Gallery Z

Once upon a time I had what we like to refer to as 'free time'. When I could, I would take a painting class from renowned french artist  David Gista. David owns a gallery in Glencoe and had mentioned to me the idea of doing a show based on food. He was familiar with my cookies and asked if I wanted to participate in the opening. Well, the show opened last night and, what a blast! The show featured artists Aviva Ginsberg and Ron Pollack.
Aviva Ginsburg and Ron Pollack with their work 

The show went great. I made a lot of new contacts and I LOVED making what I wanted to make. This was a little more creative than I've been able to get for a little while and I loved it. I made 5 showcase cookies, samples for the crowd and then of course some other sweets for everyone to enjoy, a delicious candied nut mix and chocolate drizzled cereal treats. Please enjoy the show and feel free to leave any comments!

A view of the display

Andy Warhol's 'Campbel's Soup Can'

Henri Matisse's 'Dance'

Joan Miro's 'Femme Assise'

Pablo Picasso's 'Blue Nude'

Mark Rothko's 'Yellow and Orange'

Samples of cookie artwork from Keith Haring and Pablo Picasso

Henri Matisse

I hope you enjoy looking, as I sure enjoyed making!


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