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Sunday, April 4, 2010


Let me start off by saying that there's simply nothing better than marshmallows. Growing up my Aunt Cathy was probably the most influential person in my marshmallow loving life. She taught me how to make taffy out of store bought marshmallows. Yum! And totally something that my 6 year old self excelled at. The only problem was that I discovered that the tastiest part of this recipe was also the messiest. If you pull the marshmallow apart and stretch it over and over again it turns into a yummy, gooey mess. So this was how I ate marshmallows for a good portion of my life. My best friend in middle school (still my BF today) was thoroughly disgusted with this, as is my husband. My husband overlooks it though, as one of my very few flaws. So with my new baking obsession what was the next logical thing to try to make? Marshmallows! Vanilla marshmallows, sugar covered marshmallows, simply delicious. It was much easier than I thought it could be and they turned out just fabulous!
These were amazing! They were great to hand out as party favors to the kids at my daughter's b-day party who were allergic to dairy, soy, eggs and nuts. All the other kids got sugar cookies so I would have felt bad that they wouldn't get a yummy treat. They were very excited that they got something that they could eat. 


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